Writing: Step Right Up


We all stand in line
waiting for our chance
to manifest our humanity
in so many different ways

Step right up…

Everyone gets a turn
to laugh

We all take a spin
on the mistake machine
ride the wave of love
and drive each other crazy

Line forms to the left please…

In time we do it all at least once
those of us who are lucky
lucky enough to dare
brave enough to try

Sadly there are some who only watch
unwilling to hear the “click, click click”
of the roller coaster ride
that is this life

No one rides without a ticket…

Everyone takes a chance
some are dealt pain
others joy
but each are alive in their own way

Stay behind yellow line…

Eventually, life and age
have their way with us all
we pay the piper
and do the time

and if we’re lucky
we get three score and ten
and if we’re lucky
everybody gets a turn

oh, and one more thing…

Keep hands and feet inside until ride comes to a complete stop…