60 Second Story: 7 Bridges Recording Done


Although I’ve left the band Seven Bridges, we went into the studio on April Fool’s Day to track four songs. We arrived around 8:30am and finished up after midnight. My work was done around 2pm, but that was just the start. Lisa didn’t finish her tracking until after midnight. Everyone was fantastic and did a great job.

If you could’ve seen the table in the control room, you would’ve thought there was a large crowd there. The amount of food we consumed was truly Homeric. There were empty Subway wrappers, pizza boxes, candy wrappers, pop bottles, water bottles, chip and pretzel bags. Man, I think I gained 5 pounds.

Anyway, you can shoot over to the 7B Myspace to check out the rough mixes right now. The finish masters should be up in a few weeks.