Storytime: Don’t Die With Your Music Still Inside


OtR and the Apples have been a great inspiration to me recently. Especially inspiring to me are people like Kim Taylor, Amy Rigby, Ric Hordinski, Byron House, Joel Henderson and more.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt like there is this music inside me that must come out! Over the past two and a half years I’ve tried my hand at writing, but, in my opinion, have not applied myself the way I should. A few songs have come out pretty well, the rest, not so well. That’s ok, because I can tell the difference.

Now that some things have occurred in my life (especially this year) it seems like I may be able to take a serious run at this whole music thing. I have no grandiose plans of getting “famous” or “rich” or anything…. just to make and play music for folks who are willing to listen.

A few things have made me think that now really is the time to try:
1. Left my band in March (no longer concentrating 100% on drumming)
2. Mom’s passing (a hard time, to be sure, but a calm, now, as well)
3. Losing my job (hard to play music working a 9-5)
4. Starting my own business (seems like I can work my schedule a bit to free up Fridays-Sundays, i.e. short range/midwest touring).
5. The girls are getting a little older.
6. I hinted around at it on the way home Sunday night and Karen didn’t threaten to throw me out of the truck.

Maybe it’s time……

“Don’t die with your music still inside”

I’m going to try to live long enough to not let that happen.