Storytime: First Public Performance of My Songs


Finally got that first one out of the way. Played three songs as follows:

This Time
An Irish Love Song
Jesus and John Lennon

Got to the Art House about 6:30pm and met Charlie there. He showed me where to sign in and introduced me to a couple of people. Went upstairs to the “artists” room and found a few people tuning up. Met a guy named Dan (sorry, I forget the last name) from Taylor. He is a finger-style player. We compared notes about how long we’ve been playing and a bit about guitars as well. Also got a few lines on places to play. Looking forward to getting out more in the future!

Show started at 7pm. I was third on. I was pretty nervous, but managed to get through This Time without a hitch. I felt pretty good after that. Jen and Rachel Anne made it too. Jen had her small digital camera and took a few shots during my set. You can see them on the photo page.

The Baseline Folk Society is to be commended. They did a wonderful job. I’m really looking forward to playing there again. They made it a great experience for the artists and, I hope, for the audience.

This was a big deal for me. I’ve played music in front of people off and on now for over 30 years. But never my own music. It was always playing piano for my parents friends, or backing a band as their drummer. Both those things were great, but I can safely say now… nothing beats playing your own music in front of an appreciative crowd.

Thank you Mike Mullen (founder of the BFS) for making this a great night for me and a bunch of other aspiring musicians.