60 Second Story: Changes for Arlington Station


Some important news about Arlington Station:

Dave and Lisa are no longer with Arlington Station. Ron and I will be finishing out the shows on our August schedule.

Dave, Lisa and I have been friends for a long time and that won’t change. They will continue playing with Seven Bridges and pursuing other opportunities as well. Speaking of Seven Bridges, you may want to come out to South Lyon’s McHattie park tonight. We will all be playing music together again, with Lisa’s brother Keith as Seven Bridges (I’m filling in for their drummer, Rick). Looking forward to a great night of music.

Finally, Ron and I hope you come out and give us a listen. This bulletin will take the place of the August 1st newsletter, and I hope to be able to send out another update around the first of September to let you know what will become of Arlington Station.

Thanks for your support (past and, hopefully, future!),
John Natiw
Arlington Station