Storytime: FAWM 2009


My songwriting buddy on the left coast, Steven Wesley Guiles, and I started a website back in December of 2006 called Songwriting Apples. Since then we’ve both been on this weird sort of “songwriting, web-posting, tutorial-videoing, playing out live as much as possible” bender.

Last year, myman took things “too far.” He got involved with some shady characters over at The short story on this website is that a bunch of songwriters come together every winter and try to write 14 songs in 28 days. This is what happens to people like Steve when he’s not checked and his leash breaks. You get to hangin’ around with certain types and, BAM!, the next thing you know you’re doing something crazy like this. This is how people end up jumping off bridges (or so my mother said when I was young).

My feeling on the problem was that an intervention was in order. Steve needed some tough love! But 2500 miles is a long way… So I kept tabs on my friend. Waiting for the inevitable breakdown. Waiting for the cry for help that never came.

Brothers and sisters, I must confess, the insanity has spread…

That’s right, I will be partaking of the madness that is FAWM 2009. I don’t know HOW it happened… I don’t know WHY it happened… I don’t remember WHERE I went wrong… I just know that today is FAWM EVE and I’m ready to write whatever comes out beginning at midnight tonight. Will every song be a keeper? Not likely. Hopefully, if I’m lucky, maybe one or two will be performed live and/or recorded on a CD someday. But, as it turns out, that is not what this is about. In the words of Morpheus, it’s about “freeing your mind”.

Last night I rummaged about the Man-Cave, found some additional equipment (keyboard, accordion, recording software, microphones, books of poetry and songwriting) and began to mess around. Perhaps I am up to this challenge after all, because I managed to squeeze out a very cool “soundtrack-like” piece of music called Crown of Stars.

Regardless of what happens or how many songs I write in the next 28 days, I hope to somehow improve my craft enough to make an impact in what I do, musically. And I hope to meet a few more wonderful folks with similar interests.

Thanks Steve.


January 31, 2009