Numbered Lists: 25 Random Things About Me


Here goes…

1. When I was young, baseball was my life. I thought about it all the time, played it as much as possible with the neighborhood gang, collected baseball cards. When no one could play, I’d go up to the schoolyard and toss balls up for myself and try to hit them over the fence into the horse farm.

2. I sometimes wonder what ever happened to Ray Pikulinski, Rob Ostrowski, David Loucks, David Passmore and my other elementary classmates. I do NOT, however, wonder what happened to that bully that I had to fend off with part of my lunch for about a month.

3. I once took a razor blade to school. No, I don’t know why. I had no intention of “doing anything” with it. I just know it was the worst whipping I ever got.

4. When I drive by where my elementary school building used to be it makes me sad. (see #’s 1-3)

5. One of my most prized possessions is a hand-written letter from my dad which he gave me shortly before his sudden death. I was on a retreat with school and they told our parents to write a note to us as if they had died. He died a couple years later. I still take it out every now and then… so I remember.

6. I worry that my weaknesses will become the weaknesses of my children.

7. I miss Indiana.

8. The Plymouth Fife & Drum Corps is one of the best things that ever happened to our family. Thanks Big Dawg and Dawg Catcher (Clay and Sally Walker). The memories I have of our family during the past 10 years could fill books and books. I’m glad Mary and Rachael are continuing the tradition, but would be just as happy if they found something else they were passionate about.

9. One of the hardest times for me as a parent was when Lindsay went to basic training. I felt like I could do NOTHING to help.

10. One of my greatest desires is for our daughters to be close to one another after I am gone.

11. My mother was a mystery to me. We had time to talk before she died, but didn’t.

12. I feel completely at home in the UP. I miss Escanaba, Uncle Bill and Aunt Alzetta dearly. I think Uncle Bill is the reason I usually run 3 miles (not 2.5, not 3.5). He used to walk 3 miles every day. EVERY day.

13. We have a creek behind our house. This pleases me.

14. Bicycles represent freedom and independence to me. I used to put baseball cards in my spokes, (almost) jumped three garbage cans and put extra forks on the front for the chopper effect when I was younger. More recently, I successfully rode 230 miles in two days with 20,000 feet of climbing in 2007… I love to ride.

15. I enjoy hunting. But probably not for the reasons you suspect. Deer camp with my best friend and my brother-in-law is one of my favorite times of the year.

16. I weigh more now than I ever have in my life. This does NOT please me.

17. I’m actually surprised I lived through some of the stupid things I’ve done in my life.

18. I had a crush on my high school French teacher… she was a nun. A really cute nun, but still… I have no idea what kind of damage this did to my young mind.

19. Chocolate chip cookies are my kryptonite (see #16).

20. My in-laws are two of the strongest people I personally know.

21. When I was little, I read in a magazine about how to do self-hypnosis. Sometimes I think it worked and I never woke up.

22. I used to read encyclopedias for fun when I was younger. I suspect this has contributed to my affinity for the “random search” button on Wikipedia.

23. I remember the day I met my wife like it was yesterday.

24. I have no current friends from my school days… elementary, middle, high school or college. I have often wondered why that is. As a matter of fact, the person with whom I have been friends with the longest is Karen (see #23).

25. As I get older, there are some things I am more uncertain about. However, the things that I AM certain about, I become more sure of as time passes.