Storytime: I Fixed It!


Ok, so gather round… it’s story time. This is mainly for Jane cause she asked for the “rest of the story”…

When we lived in our first home, a baby bottle brush got stuck in the garbage disposal. I tried everything to unstick the thing, but nothing worked. I tried flipping the disposal switch, yanking the wire brush out with a pair of channel locks, prying the thing out with a big screwdriver, using a hex wrench to force the disposal to move and spit out the offending brush… Nothing. Karen kept “suggesting” that I take care of it or call a plumber. I said I would.

Three years later (don’t judge) I was finishing dinner and she brought it up again. She walked out of the kitchen to do something so I got up and figured I’d go over and take another look. I reached across the sink to flip the disposal switch (The definition of insanity? Doing the same thing and expecting a different result) and the disposal made a nasty grinding sound and then a wonderful purring sound! Surprised, I stopped the disposal and reached into it and pulled out a small remaining piece of the brush. It had rusted so badly over the past three years that the disposal was able to grind it up and spit it out! GENIUS!

Now a lesser man would’ve run right into the other room to tell his wife what happened, but, being a smart man, I waited until she came back an hour later and told her to try the disposal. To her great surprise and delight it worked like a charm. She said “what did you do?” I, of course, replied “I fixed it” and walked away. =)