60 Second Story: We Ain’t Dead Yet


Ok, so today (you’re gonna want to stay with me on this one) my partner and I were at a nursing facility and the folks there were being very animated to say the least.

One woman was questioning my partner’s manhood and another was singing or shouting something at the end of the hall while (sort of) dancing as she got closer. I looked around to realize she was the 80+ year old version of a fellow worker of ours, Adriene. Dressed in red from head to toe, she was being “taken for a walk” by one of the staff. She was smiling and shouting “We ain’t dead yet! We ain’t dead yet!”. She approached me, looked me square in the eye and said “Honey, we ain’t dead yet!” and proceeded to turn around and shake her, um, “behind” right in front of me while shouting “C’MON, HONEY, WE AIN’T DEAD YET!”

I believe this woman has it exactly right.