From The Road: Boston Graveyard


Cleaning and organizing in the studio tonight. Came across a note I made during a visit to Boston. This was copied from a tombstone in the Old North Church graveyard. It was a single tombstone beneath which was a married couple that died two hundred years ago.

When the last scene, the closing hour draw nigh
And earth receded from her swooning eye,
Tranquil she left this transitory scene,
With decent triumph and a look serene,
By faith she fixed her ardent hopes on high
In Jesus’ merits, and in Him did die
So shall her grave with rising flowers be drest,
And the green turf lie lightly on her breast,
Here shall the morn her earliest tears bestow,
Here the first roses of the year shall blow,
While angels with their silver wings overshade
The ground now sacred by her relics made
Then rest in peace beneath this sculptured stone,
Till Jesus’ trumpet call the to His throne

1801 40 years
May 14th 1801
Nicholas Brown

1803 35 years
December 11, 1803
Elizabeth Brown