Opinion: EMS Rant


Continuing to post about this without apology. This is, in every way, unacceptable, disgusting and sickening. Timely and reliable EMS service should be available in Detroit. Period. The good folks of DFD and DEMS need help. The people of Detroit deserve better. This is not a “liberal” or “conservative” issue. This is not a “black”, “white” or “hispanic” issue. No one should die because “the truck wouldn’t start”. I don’t know the ins and outs of the city’s politics (thank God), but I work for an EMS provider which is already backing up DEMS. Obviously, MORE RELIABLE MANPOWER in the form of functional EMS crews is needed in the city. And they are needed NOW. Funding needs to be made available to fix the broken DEMS system, and, until that happens, fund additional crews (some are already running in the city) from private EMS providers like us to supplement the system! NO MORE EXCUSES! The city politicians are “working on it”. The feds are “investigating”. “GREAT”. In the meantime, there are crews willing to help. LET US HELP!