Numbered Lists: Two Things


Two things:

1. I don’t understand why, whenever we have a third rider, people say, “Oh, man, easy day for you”. My take is this: If we’re doing what we’re supposed to with said third rider, we’re doing a LOT more work than we normally do. It may not be paperwork or vitals, but following up on the n00b and helping them really “get it” takes a LOT of effort and energy.

2. I am grateful for my backup glasses. Would probably be even more grateful if I had them in my backpack while on shift. Don’t ask.

3. The level of my stupidity is astounding sometimes (see #’s 2 & 4).

4. No one can be harder on me when I make a mistake than I can (especially when I feel I’ve let others down). I’m still not sure if that’s an asset or a flaw. I suppose it depends on whether I see the mistake as a huge screw up or a learning/growth opportunity.

Ok, that’s four things. Out.