60 Second Story: Why Am I Here?


Seven years ago I re-committed myself to music. As a songwriter this time rather than a drummer as I had been in my youth. Since then, I never could have imagined where this journey would take me. More to the point, I have a fantastic job in EMS that allows me to put music first. Lately, though, I’ve been tempted with three amazing opportunities within the EMS community (one of which I would classify as my “EMS Dream Job”). Weighing these possibilities the past few weeks (and the sacrifices they would require concerning music goals) has been agonizing. Gut-wrenching, even. But a few weeks ago as I waited backstage to perform at the Threadgill Theater in Kerrville, Texas, Dalis Allen gave us a speech that reminded me that the work of a songwriter is important. That each of us standing there that day had a purpose and the talent to realize that purpose. We had something to contribute, a form of beauty, that could improve our world, even if just for three and a half minutes. A few weeks ago, I thought I went to Kerrville to try to win a songwriting contest. Turns out I went to Kerrville because I needed to hear a message.

Message – Received.