Opinion: Keep It Simple


Rant Warning: Ok, this has been the most annoying day on the radio.

Dispatch, you’re DISPATCH. No need to apologize about sending us to do our job. No matter how far away it is or how close it is to our theoretical “end if shift” time. Do your thing, man. In as few words as possible, if you can. We’re here for you.

My EMS brothers and sisters – No one cares how far away from scene you are. They have Google Maps in dispatch and GPS on the rigs. They know where you are and probably how long it’s going to take you to get there. Also, they are aware of the concept of TRAFFIC. No need to mention “we’ll be awhile, there’s a lot of traffic”. Why don’t you tell ’em the sky is blue while you’re at it.

How about we just stop burning up the radio with superfluous chatter and just get down to it?

49 out.