60 Second Story: Sing With Me, Now


I don’t mind when storms come through and the power goes out. We open all the windows no matter how hot it is (and it’s usually a bit cooler after the storm passes through). We light candles to give the house natural light. We can play games or even read by that light. No TV, computers or radios. Maybe drift off to sleep to the sound of light rain or birds chirping at the new rain. It’s a time of quiet. A time of closeness. Yes, it’s a time of peace and tranquility. A time when EVERYBODY IN THE FREAKING NEIGHBORHOOD FIRES UP THEIR GAS POWERED (NOISE) GENERATORS AND WE LIFT OUR VOICES AS ONE TO SING ALONG WITH THE MELODY AND HARMONY OF THE TWO CYCLE GAS ENGINES. Sing with me now. RRRRR, CLING, CLANG, GRRRR, BAP, BAP, ACKA, ACKA, BAP, RRRRR, CHINGA, CHANGA, URP, SPUT, SPUT, RRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!