60 Second Story: Secret Messages


Gonna try to keep this short: Back in December 2006, during a trip back home from seeing Over The Rhine at the Taft Theater in Cincinnati, I verbalized my intent to devote the better part of my time to songwriting and, hopefully, sharing the fruit of my labor with others. These past seven years (!) have been a whirlwind of wonderful experiences, places and people. Recently, I’ve struggled to maintain the fire. It’s easy to get distracted. Easy to lose the way. Sunday night I found myself on the same interstate heading back from that same southern Ohio city. For miles, there was nothing audible but the sound of wipers back and forth across the windshield, road noise and the echo of so many doubts inside my head. Somewhere near Dayton I pushed play on the new Over The Rhine album, Meet Me At The Edge Of The World for the first time. Starting about the seventh track (a message I’m certain was written only for me), I started to feel a certain heat. Like an ember that had been nudged back toward the familial fire. Or maybe it was just Keith’s Kalypso Sauce come to collect its due. But I digress.

Not sure what it all means a few days later, but thank you, Karin and Linford, for this beautiful, new music. For the secret messages you included for just me. And for the nudge.