Opinion: Government Shutdown


I’ve read most of the “shutdown” posts today (both sides). Here’s mine: Today my partner and I were dispatched to the Detroit VA hospital to pick up a patient (a man who served our country in the Army as an MP) and everyone was working. The doctors, nurses, administrators, janitors, techs, security, maintenance. They were all on the job. Surgeries got performed. Hearts that were flat-lined got jump started again. Bleeding got stopped. Breathing got done whether the patient could do it by themselves or not. Paperwork got signed (in triplicate), blood pressures taken, bedpans changed, glucose testing checked, dialysis completed, prosthetics fitted, the grieving were comforted, floors swept, lunches prepared and served and a few fortunate patients (like mine) got to finally go home. Some of the good folks who work at the VA are democrats, republicans, libertarians or any other “party” you can think of. And today, like every other day, they just did their jobs. Why? Because from 1967-1972, my patient did his. Some jobs you just don’t “shut down”.