10 Second Story: Eastern Market of Canton


[Long Post Alert]: A few years ago, a favorite grocery market of mine closed. I lamented its passing here on FB at the time. It was a family owned store and I spent many visits passing the time with the owner, Mike, as he worked in the aisles stocking shelves. After the market closed for good, I tried going to bigger corporate stores. I have nothing against some of them, but they are just not my style. I found myself more and more heading to smaller area shops.

So I’ve said all that to say this: We have a wonderful local market in our area – Eastern Mkt Canton. It’s a small family owned business, but more than that. Marvin Noora Jarbo is a friend. When I go there, he always asks about my family and how work is going. He knows my wife and my daughters (sometimes it seems like he knows more about my family than I do). We talk about politics, family, news, guy stuff, and, of course, food. We talk about things friends talk about. And, in the end, I’m happy part of my family’s grocery money goes to helping support his family. He provides a valuable service to our community. And I’m not just talking about meat and groceries.

If you’re like me, and lament the passing of these family owned businesses, you should check this one out. And tell Marvin I sent you.