Numbered List: Thinking


Lots on my mind tonight as I sit at the station waiting for another call.
1. This winter reminds me of my childhood. Big snow. Trips to the UP.
2. I miss the UP (see #1).
3. There is a lot of uncertainty in my future. I always thought there would be less of this as I grew older. But, surprisingly, I don’t mind it too much. There are so many in this world with so much less than me. Adjust. Adapt.
4. Memo to my girls: Never make a move concerning what you do for a living based solely on money. Never.
5. Memo to self: Find your running shoes and bike. Soon. Like, “Before it’s too late” soon.
6. As cheesy a movie as Titanic is, I always stop to watch it.
7. Realizing the dreams in my head by mashing sounds together is amazing to me. Helping others realize the dreams in their heads by mashing sounds together is a kind of amazing I never expected to experience.
8. Everybody hurts. Everybody needs love.
9. Life turns on a dime.
10. It doesn’t take much effort to change someone’s day from bad to good.

Oops. There goes the pager. Time to go…

I hope you are having a good night. Yes, you.